Earnings Disclaimer

The following describes the Earnings Disclaimer for our www.PennySharesToBuy.org website.

This is my site.

You are simply a guest on my site. Think of it this way. If you entered someone else’s home. You would need to abide by their rules. They pay the bills. They pay for the upkeep and maintenance. They spend the time cleaning it, or they spend the time making the money that it costs to have it cleaned by someone else.

Similarly, I pay for all the expenses to run this site. I spent the time to learn how to build it. I spent the time to build it. I have paid for everything having to do with this site: the domain, the theme, the plugins, the content, the hosting, everything. Yes, sites are expensive to build and to run. It is like owning an expensive car.

So, of course, I need to make money from this site to help me pay for it and the time that it takes for me to manage it.


If you click on a link and then buy something on the other end of that link, I will likely make a commission.

All workers, all professionals, need to make money for their time. Some make an hourly wage. Others, like me, get paid when we help someone make a decision to purchase something that will make his/her life better.

I’m a writer…a salesperson who makes my living helping others better understand their options. I review products and services. I help people to discern features and benefits that a product or service can provide. I can tell you from my experience with a product or service how it can help you.

Through my descriptions you might be able to better understand how a product or service works. Then you can make a better, more informed decision. The choice is yours. If I help you make a decision as to the best product for you, I simply get a commission for the purchase. You never pay me the commission. The commission comes out of the profits of the person selling the item.

The price that you will pay will not be higher when you buy the product through me. The owner is glad to pay part of the profits to me because I’m the one who helps you make the decision. Paying me is less expensive for the owner than having to pay employees. Because I’m an independent contractor, I have to cover all of my own expenses, and I have to pay all my own taxes out of my earnings. I pay for my own office and office equipment, etc.

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