Penny Stock Prophet is a penny stock picker you can subscribe to that saves you time while also enabling you to gain the knowledge that you need. The Penny Stock Prophet does most of the work leading up to identifying micro caps that are about to become quite lucrative. You will obtain an e-mail that informs you about what and how much to purchase. Additionally, the newsletter gives you tips so that you become a more informed investor. As soon as I heard about this subscription, I thought to myself, he is making his living on selling the newsletter not on trading stocks. I went on to do some research on James Connelly. He is a self-made millionaire, having made his money trading penny stocks. He made $1 million in 38 trades, using his own system. This is the same system that he uses to pick stocks for his subscribers.

From my investigation, I found several people who say it is simply a robot powering the method that generates random picks. Several say that the method works because the Penny Stock Prophet has a significant following and that following triggers movement in the stocks in the direction that he stated that they would move. That can be true. If a significant number of people purchase a stock, it will force the prices to go up. Therefore, it is possible that there is some truth to the claim that his followers helped push those prices up. But if you are one of those followers and you gain from that, what difference does it make? And whether or not you believe that he is a genius who knows how to research and make good picks or has created a robot to do those picks, what differences that make? If you are gaining from his knowledge and from his picks that should be all that matters.

Of course, you can find mixed reviews on James Connolly in the Penny Stock Prophet. But there is a sixty day money back guarantee. That way you can try for yourself, gain from his tips and picks, and ask for a refund if it is just not for you.

How Penny Stock Prophet works

According to the creator, it is mathematically possible to forecast the movement through examining previous information and factoring in the human psychological element that influences share price.

Penny Stock Prophet determines the wide spectrum of the marketplace from earlier information to real-time marketplace conditions to psychological elements. This is effectively how nearly forecast of the marketplace works. As you can understand, it takes a great deal of work and time to scrutinize this kind of information. The findings are calculated into equity picks that, I would say, defeats any discretionary and rumor based stock picks. The reason that the Penny Stock Prophet targets penny shares is that they are the cheapest shares in the marketplace.

It is much more common for the value to bound from $.02 to $.04 (100% increase) than for a common stock value to skip for $100 to a $200. It is furthermore very regular to observe a 100% dive in the value as well. Do not be alarmed as fluctuations are very prevalent. Let the experience of the Penny Stock Prophet to save you countless hours of research. Let his expertise help you.