Okay, so you want some red hot penny shares. What if I could tell you that not only will you get some hot picks but an additional way to make money with penny stocks. You see, most people think that they can only make money trading penny stocks. Now don’t get me wrong; you can make great money trading penny stocks.

But there is a better way to make money in the stock market and that is as a stock promoter. Companies pay stock promoters for promoting their stocks just as companies pay sales staff to promote and sell other goods and services. And you don’t have to be a licensed stock broker in order to be paid as a stock promoter. The job descriptions are different. Now, of course, many stock brokers do get paid for promoting stocks. But you don’t have to be a stock broker to be a promoter.

Well, don’t bother to look forĀ David Green and his Secrets to Penny Stock Investing system. He, like so many others, has disappeared.